Watch the two-minute sizzle reel Twitter is using to butter up investors

Twitter has kicked off its “road show” of meetings in major US cities, where the company will pitch its initial public offering to large, potential investors. It’s a mix of charts and showmanship that will help determine demand for Twitter’s stock when it starts trading next month.

On the showmanship front, the two-minute promotional video above is what Twitter is playing at the beginning of its meetings with investors. It features three of the company’s four founders, Ev Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. You may not learn much new about Twitter, but it’s interesting to see how the company is portraying itself as it heads into the IPO.

You can watch Twitter’s full road show presentation, which is more illuminating, here. Don’t be scared by the video interface that looks like it was built before Twitter even launched:

Twitter road show presentation

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