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A volcano is erupting on the same island recovering from an earthquake and a tsunami

By Johnny Simon
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

As rescue and recovery operations unfold on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, where a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami has killed at least 1,400 people and altered the landscape, a volcano is now erupting. Mount Soputan, on the northern end of the island, shot ash nearly four miles into the air early today (Oct. 3), NBC News reports.

Pictures show the ash column rising above the volcano, which is almost 400 miles to the north of Palu, the site of some of the worst of last week’s devastation.

At the moment, the eruption hasn’t triggered any evacuations, nor have there been any reported injuries.


AP Photo/Hetty Andih
A giant plume of volcanic ash rises from Mount Soputan, seen from the town of Tomohon in northern Sulawesi.
AP Photo/Yehezkiel Dondokambey
Plumes of volcanic ash rise from Mount Soputan.
Antara Foto/Adwit B Pramono via Reuters
Mount Soputan spews volcanic ash toward Kota Menara village in South Minahasa on Oct. 3.
Antara Foto/Adwit B Pramono via Reuters
Villagers walk in Kota Menara as Mount Soputan erupts in the background.
AP Photo/Yehezkiel Dondokambey
Mount Soputan is illuminated by a nighttime eruption.

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