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A woman holds up voter registrations
Reuters/Brendan McDermid
Deadlines are coming up.

Every remaining state’s deadline to register to vote in the US midterms

By Ana Campoy

Americans are registering to vote in record numbers ahead of the midterm elections on Nov. 6. The divisiveness of the Trump presidency has fired up both Democrats and Republicans across the country.

For some Democratic candidates, success hinges on how many new voters they can draw to the polls. Supporters of Texas’s Beto O’Rourke, who’s running for US Senate, have turned his rallies into voter registration drives. The Texas deadline to register was Oct. 9.

Donald Trump is also urging supporters to register.

Here are states where you can still register to vote. Click on each state’s name for more detail.

State In person By mail Online
New York 12-Oct 12-Oct 12-Oct
Oklahoma 12-Oct 12 Oct 12-Oct
Delaware 13-Oct 13 Oct 13-Oct
Virginia 15-Oct 15-Oct 15-Oct
Kansas 16-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct
Nevada 16-Oct 18-Oct
New Jersey 16-Oct 16-Oct
Oregon 16-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct
West Virginia 16-Oct 16-Oct 16-Oct
Massachusetts 17-Oct 17-Oct 17-Oct
Alabama 22-Oct 22-Oct 22-Oct
South Dakota 22-Oct 22-Oct
Nebraska 26-Oct 19-Oct 19-Oct
Washington 29-Oct
Maryland 1-Nov 16-Oct 16-Oct
North Carolina 12-Oct
California 6-Nov 22-Oct 22-Oct
Colorado 6-Nov 29-Oct 29-Oct
Connecticut 6-Nov 30-Oct 30-Oct
District of Columbia 6-Nov 16-Oct 16-Oct
Hawaii 6-Nov
Idaho 6-Nov 12-Oct 12-Oct
Illinois 6-Nov 21-Oct
Iowa 6-Nov 27-Oct 27-Oct
Louisiana 16-Oct
Maine 6-Nov 16-Oct
Minnesota 6-Nov 16-Oct 16-Oct
Montana 6-Nov
New Hampshire 6-Nov
Utah 6-Nov 30-Oct
Vermont 6-Nov 2-Nov (recommended)
Wisconsin 6-Nov 17-Oct 17-Oct
Wyoming 6-Nov 22-Oct