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AP Photo/Moises Castillo
Current prototypes for the wall.

Dinosaurs, hoods, and pencils: Twitter has ideas for Trump’s steel slats

Annalisa Merelli
By Annalisa Merelli

Geopolitics reporter

After shutting down the government in an attempt to secure funding for a border wall, president Donald Trump is continuing his campaign to promote the project.

The president tweeted an image of the wall design, which he described as “totally effective and at the same time beautiful.”

The image is a simple drawing which highlights the key feature of the “steel slats,” a term the president has decided to adopt in lieu of “wall:” A pointed top, which departs from the prototypes built so far, none of which displays such design.

For many who saw it, it was too good an opportunity to poke fun at the president’s $5 billion pet project.

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