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Netflix says 45 million people have already watched “Bird Box”

AP Photo / Franka Bruns
We’re going to need a bigger Bird Box.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Netflix doesn’t like to give out numbers. We know that its 2017 blockbuster Bright received 11 million views in its first weekend, and that February’s The Cloverfield Paradox got 5 million. But those numbers have always been estimates from Nielsen.

Behold then, a post-Christmas miracle. On Friday (Dec. 28), the “Netflix Films” Twitter account shared a real, hard number for the number of accounts that have watched Bird Box since its Dec. 13 release: 45,037,125.

If Nielsen’s past figures are comparable, Bird Box is a massive hit for Netflix, if a mediocre movie unto itself. Indeed, Netflix noted that it was the best first week ever for a homegrown movie.

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