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Should This Exist? Our new podcast asks big questions about technology and humanity

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Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

It’s the question of our times: How is technology impacting our humanity?

From connecting individuals around the world to improving the quality of life for millions, technology has the power to do good. But if left unchecked, technology can also have unexpected and dangerous ramifications.

Quartz is excited to be launching a new podcast Should This Exist? in partnership with Wait What. Hosted by Caterina Fake, each episode will feature expert guests who will help inventors think through the human side of their new technologies. With thoughtful discussion, a diverse range of voices, and fascinating tech inventions, Should This Exist? aims to answer the big question all founders should be asking themselves: how can this product be used for good?

The show’s first season will include the visionaries behind a headset that hacks your brain with electric fields so you can learn like a kid again; a fully automated chatbot that offers one-on-one therapy; a next-generation supersonic plane; a device that can read the expression on your face and know how you’re feeling; software that will translate between human and animal languages; and a scientific approach that allows humans to modify entire species of animals in the wild—among other unprecedented firsts.

The first episode will be available Feb. 21. Be sure to subscribe to Should This Exist? and sign up for Quartz’s Obsession email to join the conversation.  

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