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Reuters/Benoit Tessier
It’s a bit complicated.

Where to find (accurate) information about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

Finding trustworthy and in-depth information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is notoriously difficult. The space is filled with crypto evangelists and purported “blockchain experts,” with massive—and often undeserved—followings.

Luckily, in this bizarre industry, there are also brilliant, patient, and sober-minded people. These are speakers of truth—who build, explain, and question—and remain committed to digital money, year after year. These are people who take ethical stands and call out others who fail to uphold basic moral (and legal) standards.

Of course, when we talk about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we still need to include the dreamers. In the words of Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine, “it is hard to distinguish among the CEO who promises the impossible because she is committing fraud, the CEO who promises the impossible because she is deluded, and the CEO who promises the impossible and then goes and does it.”

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