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Reuters/Amir Cohen
Less of this.

The crypto community is showing signs of growing up

Member exclusive by Jason Karaian

It’s become trite to say that while cryptocurrencies are a fad, blockchain technology is here to stay. I’ve heard this so much, though, I’m starting to believe it.

I’m not counting out crypto—there are reasons to believe that the revolution is just beginning. But now that we’re in the depths of the crypto winter, with bitcoin down by 80% from its 2017 peak, the enduring interest in blockchain becomes more meaningful.

Speaking of winter, my most recent encounter with the blockchain-not-bitcoin brigades was in Davos, at the World Economic Forum last month. The exclusive Swiss ski resort where the global elite gather every year is as establishment as it gets. In the past few years, the steady creep of crypto into the mainstream has been apparent in the snowbound town.