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Problem with your airline? Tweet at it

Hilary Sargent
Member exclusive by Hilary Sargent

Quartz contributor

Want to know if your flight is delayed by a snowstorm? Why your seat assignment mysteriously changed? Why the cookies you enjoyed aboard your last flight aren’t available this time? Your best bet may be to head over to Twitter. While tweeting at most businesses may feel like screaming into an endless void, tweets at an airline are pretty likely to generate a response—even a helpful one.

You may discover your flight is delayed due to air traffic congestion; or that your seat assignment problem can be sorted out with a quick DM exchange. Just want to complain about how outdated your plane is? Go right ahead.

Tweets directed at airlines display the full range of human emotions: rage, frustration, confusion, and—yes—occasionally, joy. “We get more compliments through Twitter than complaints,” says Michelle Mohr, managing director of operations and communications for American Airlines. Mohr oversees American’s social-media team, which is comprised of  “a few dozen” individuals.” Her team is based in Fort Worth, Texas, where they monitor Twitter for customer-related issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.