What Brexit preppers are stockpiling

Orange you glad you started prepping?
Orange you glad you started prepping?
Image: REUTERS/Simon Dawson
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In the UK, “keep calm and carry on” is being replaced by “worry and buy extra stuff.” As Britain’s expected secession from the European Union approaches, one in five Britons are considering stockpiling, and one in 20 have already done so, according to a poll from ITV News.

There are mixed messages about whether stockpiling food is prudent. While UK government officials say it is absolutely unnecessary, others admit it’s likely there will be disruptions. On communities like Mumsnet, a forum where parents discuss, debate, and offer advice on raising children, stockpiling is a hot topic.

By reviewing more than 3,000 Mumsnet posts about Brexit stockpiling, Quartz was able to compile seven representative shopping lists—one for each of seven most-common Brexit prepper mentalities.