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My personal trainer is coming for your job

Reuters/Phelan Ebenehack
Embracing the future of work.
  • Allison Schrager
By Allison Schrager


Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

I’ve never been in better shape, and my secret is a new personal trainer who lives 3,000 miles away.

Since I hate exercise, the only way I’ll work out is if someone forces me to go to the gym and tells me what to do when I get there. But personal training is expensive because it’s labor intensive; my local trainer can only train one person at a time. So he (bravely) recommended me for a new pilot program at my gym: Several times a week, I work with another trainer based in another city. She sends videos demonstrating detailed workouts I watch on my phone as I do them.

Through this arrangement, two of the major benefits of a trainer is fulfilled. An actual person holds me accountable to go to the gym and she tells me what to do. Kendra texts me before and after my workouts, and to remind me to eat well and to see how I am feeling. She knows if I go to the gym and what I do there. She’ll know, and will surely be disappointed, if I skip a workout. Kendra seems so invested in my fitness, I can’t let her down.

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