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How to get cryonically frozen and await reanimation in 12 easy steps

Bárbara Malagoli for Quartz
Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

In 1967, the first successful cryonic preservation was performed on a 73-year-old psychologist named James Bedford. Today, his body remains frozen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, which performed its 166th cryonic procedure on March 01, 2019. As of this month, over 1,200 people are set to be preserved by the world’s leading cryonic preservation company. None of them knows for sure if we’ll ever have a way to reanimate them.

Most people are aware that cryonic preservation exists—but few are aware of the details of the process. Linda Chamberlain, a co-founder of Alcor whose deceased husband, mother, and father-in-law all underwent the procedure, laid out the 12 steps of a good preservation.

Phase One: “Standby, Stabilization, and Transport”

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