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REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail
A security flaw has been found with Zoom Video.

Zoom may be the true unicorn—a profitable tech startup

Dave Edwards
Helen Edwards
Member exclusive by Dave Edwards & Helen Edwards for The tech IPO boom

The term “unicorn” has become synonymous with private companies that are worth more than $1 billion. But with so many companies above that valuation, there’s nothing rare about that designation anymore.

Zoom is a different kind of unicorn. Zoom is worth more than $1 billion and it is profitable. Yes, you read that correctly. A high-growth tech company that makes money is rare if not unique in today’s Silicon Valley. It turns out that while the venture world has fawned all over big money losers, Zoom followed an old school path of building a product that customers love and pay enough for that the company is profitable before going public.

We think Zoom is a company investors should pay close attention to. Here are three things we’re raving over and three things we’re watching out for:

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