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Only one in four Americans who are happy at work would retire if they won the lottery

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
Even if they were set for life, 75% of people who like their jobs would continue to work.
By Christopher Mims
United StatesPublished Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Americans who love their jobs really love their jobs. Gallup asked “engaged” workers  whether they would quit working if they won the lottery, and only 25% said they would. Another 12% said they would take another job, and 63% said they’d stick it out in their current position.

Who needs leisure time?

Meanwhile, 40% of “actively disengaged” would quit work altogether. Gallup also notes that these workers aren’t emotionally involved in their jobs and tend to be less productive. For them, it’s only about the paycheck.

Previous Gallup research indicated that in industries with relatively low turnover, engaged employees experienced 65% less turnover than employees who are not.

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