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Dennis Rodman didn’t meet Kim Jong-un on this trip to North Korea, but here’s what he did do

AP/David Guttenfelder
Mind if I smoke? Rodman at a basketball practice
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Dennis Rodman, the flamboyant ex-NBA star who seems to have struck up a surprising friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has just departed the reclusive nation.

While Rodman did not meet Kim—or hold his baby—as he did on a previous visit, there is some great photographic evidence of some of his activities in one of the world’s most repressed nations.

Rodman’s primary task was “training” North Korean basketball players ahead of a planned game, featuring 12 former NBA players, that would mark Kim’s birthday January 8.

AP/David Guttenfelder
Practice in Pyongyang

Such basketball-related images have been widely circulated, but a look at Tweets posted by Michael Spavor, a Canadian business consultant who has assisted Rodman in visiting the country during previous visits, shows a bit more of Rodman’s trip.

While the 6 foot, 7-inch Rodman towered over most people he met in Pyongyang, “The Worm” actually encountered someone who made him look short: 7 foot, 8 1/2-inch tall North Korean Ri Myong-hun, an ex-basketball player who was once the world’s tallest man.

Mr. Rodman, Ri Myoung Hoon (Michael Lee) and some of the London and Beijing Olympic medalists

— Michael (@mpspavor) December 21, 2013

Rodman also did some horse riding:

Mounting a horse. #Rodman #paddypower #dprk — Michael (@mpspavor) December 22, 2013

And met an archery team:

활쏘기장 Group picture with the 4.25 #archery team, Dennis, Joe, Rory and me. #rodman #dprk #sports — Michael (@mpspavor) December 22, 2013

Rodman visited the Koryo Hotel

AP/David Guttenfelder
At the Koryo Hotel.

…and a water park:

Rodman showed off his local sartorial sense, too, getting decked out in what appeared to be a North Korean-style suit—and a Boston Red Sox baseball cap:

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