The most popular Quartz stories of 2013

Happy holidays and many thanks to all of you, our readers, who make Quartz what it is. Of all the stories we published this year, some clearly struck a chord with hordes of you. Here they are, our 20 most popular articles this year:

  1. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought

  2. There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t

  3. The world’s craziest toothbrush cleans your teeth in six seconds and is 3D printed

  4. I went $230,000 into debt to become a doctor in America

  5. The US needs to retire daylight savings and just have two time zones—one hour apart

  6. Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them

  7. Google’s “20% time,” which brought you Gmail and AdSense, is now as good as dead

  8. 3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents

  9. The chart Tim Cook doesn’t want you to see

  10. The highly unusual company behind Sriracha, the world’s coolest hot sauce

  11. The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating

  12. Apple’s iOS 7 includes a surprise: a ticket to the next generation of the internet

  13. The secret to a higher salary is to ask for nothing at all

  14. I understood gender discrimination once I added “Mr.” to my resume and landed a job

  15. The Steve Jobs emails that show how to win a hard-nosed negotiation

  16. China is starting to get embarrassed about its tourists’ obnoxious behavior abroad

  17. Google admits those infamous brainteasers were completely useless for hiring

  18. You didn’t make the Harlem Shake go viral—corporations did

  19. Apple’s iPhone charger take-back program is genius PR—and it may even boost the bottom line

  20. China discovers that pollution makes it really hard to spy on people

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