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An employee selects avocados to pack in the Global Fruit Packing Company in Uruapan, in Michoacan state, Mexico
REUTERS/Carlos Jasso
Just ripe for analysis

The 121 imports safe from US tariffs on Chinese goods

By Daniel Wolfe

It seems like nothing is safe from the wrath of US president Trump’s trade war. His administration is already levying an extra 25% tariff on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports. After threatening to impose extra duties on “essentially all” Chinese products the president is headed back to the negotiating table with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president.

Luckily for Americans, not everything the US buys comes from China. Of the 1,973 products 1 that the US imported more than $100 million of in 2018, there are 121 supplied entirely from outside China. Those products account for $250 billion in imports.

Here, we are are only looking at products categorized under six-digit codes in the Harmonized System.

In those 121 categories, Canada was the top supplier of 41 of them with a cumulative value of $81.5 billion.

Mexico supplied 23 of the 121 them. They were valued at $25.9 billion.

Other goods imported that are safe from Chinese tariffs are associated with a national heritage or signature industry.

Here’s the complete list of products the US sources entirely outside of China.

Total valueProduct category
$156,661,000,000Crude oil from petroleum and bituminous minerals
8,535,777,304Road tractors for semi-trailers
7,917,785,585Airplanes and other aircraft above 15,000 kg
6,499,844,584Natural gas, gaseous
4,238,786,319Motor vehicles exceeding 5 tons but not exceeding 20
3,857,225,755Diesel engine trucks below 5 tons
3,644,830,681Airplanes and other aircraft between 2,000 kg and 15k kg
2,439,698,555Meat of bovine animals, boneless, fresh or chilled
2,381,446,971Tomatoes, fresh or chilled
2,348,387,805Avocados, fresh or dried
2,252,478,614Electrical energy
2,125,133,623Meat of bovine animals, boneless, frozen
1,627,831,114Wood pulp
1,582,046,723Cattle, live, other than purebred breeding
1,562,855,721Grapes, fresh
1,541,029,094Diesel engine trucks exceeding 20 tons
1,383,940,701Platinum, unwrought or powder
1,258,609,845Petroleum bitumen
1,146,241,707Cheese, including cheddar and colby
1,104,705,356Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries
1,036,793,370Atlantic salmon and Danube salmon fresh or chilled
1,013,987,999Cigars, cheroots & cigarillos, containing tobacco
1,001,323,180Refined lead, unwrought
988,813,120Anhydrous ammonia
976,302,931Rhodium, unwrought or in powder form
946,520,931Motorcycles exceeding 800 cc
889,362,393Natural gas, liquefied
767,059,629Cucumbers and gherkins, fresh or chilled
728,540,570Ferrochromium over 4% carbon
662,670,744Revolvers & pistols, designed to fire live ammo
645,203,940Mobile cranes
638,814,807Ferrous products from direct reduction of iron ore
633,575,043Asparagus, fresh or chilled
620,338,410Flat-hot-roll iron that is 3mm thick
611,127,885Vanilla, neither crushed nor ground
609,156,353Diamonds excluding unworked
606,525,372Lemons and limes, fresh or dried
591,736,020Strawberries, fresh
590,078,692Meat of swine, other, frozen
560,129,199Passenger vehicle exceeding 2500 cc
558,570,340Meat, bovine cuts with bone in, fresh or chilled
525,033,364Ferrosilicon manganese
505,296,156Biodiesel and mixes containing less than 70% petrol oils etc
502,965,199Flat-hot-rolled iron between 4.75 mm and 10 mm
497,048,054Flat-cold-rolled iron between 1 mm and 3 mm
495,672,465Meat of swine, nesoi, fresh or chilled
440,935,989Prepared or preserved bovine meat etc. Nesoi
431,913,271Flat-hot-rolled iron roll between 3 mm and 4.75 mm
409,210,927Palladium, semimanufactured
407,628,054Orange juice, frozen, sweetened or not
406,130,425Mixtures of urea and ammonium nitrate in solution
399,855,156Lobsters, live, fresh,or chilled
397,491,779Natural uranium & compounds, alloys & ceramics etc
392,632,730Palm kernel or babassu oil, refined
391,858,091Helicopters of an unladen weight exceeding 2000 kg
389,316,645Pumpkins, squash and gourds, fresh or chilled
377,308,560Flat-rolled products of iron between 0.5 mm and 1 mm
344,038,169Bituminous coal, not agglomerated
340,163,631Meat of sheep, cuts, bone in nesoi, fresh, chilled
340,158,556Melons (except watermelons) and papayas, fresh
335,868,094Other uncoated paper and paperboard
323,858,643Ferromanganese with over 2% carbon
320,423,382Turbojets of a thrust not exceeding 25 kN
318,678,213Watermelons, fresh
318,141,741Edible brassicas (cabbages etc), fresh or chilled
314,996,866Orange juice, not frozen, of a brix value not over 20
308,754,735Tobacco, not stemmed/stripped
297,373,000Agglomerated iron ores
292,286,456Iron ore concentrates & non-agglomerated iron ores
287,144,475Durum wheat
269,957,632Malt, not roasted
252,801,857Low erucic acid rape/colza seeds
251,873,656Flat-cold-rolled iron less than 0.5 mm thick
245,418,747Prepared or preserved chicken meat or offal, nesoi
242,265,314Wine under 14% alcohol
230,827,353Rapeseed/colza oil
220,923,278Turbopropellers of a power exceeding 1,100 kW
218,878,479Products of natural milk constituents, nesoi
210,572,849Propene (propylene)
207,339,945Tanker trailers and tanker semi-trailers
202,824,668Railway or tramway cars
202,787,206Plantains, fresh or dried
197,028,966Lettuce, except head lettuce, fresh or chilled
182,108,852Swine, live, nesoi, weighing less than 50 kg each
181,851,970Motor vehicles greater than 5 tons
181,705,724Unwrought lead, other than refined, nesoi
173,075,424Chicken cuts and edible offal, frozen
168,855,794Chemical woodpulp, dissolving grades
168,077,008Yellowfin tunas except fillets, livers, roes
167,177,812Concentrated poppy straw
165,855,134Clementines, fresh or dried
155,782,098Fresh cut chrysanthemums and buds
154,455,146Offal of bovine animals, edible, nesoi, frozen
150,566,368Waters not sweetened or flavored
145,878,049Sport hunt and target-shooting rifles except muzzle-loading
142,876,441Tillapia fillets, fresh or chilled
137,558,901Toothfish, frozen
136,925,257Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberries) fresh
136,854,372Rum and tafia
128,547,744Meat, swine, hams, shoulders, bone in, fresh or chilled
127,934,672Prepared or preserved swine nesoi, hams etc
125,328,980Cane molasses from extraction or refining of sugar
123,601,098Caseinates & other casein derivatives; casein glue
120,681,865Swine, live, nesoi, weighing 50 kg or more each
117,471,949Petroleum oils and preps containing biodiesel, etc
115,745,028Orange juice, other than frozen, sweetened or not
114,353,565Pacific, Atlantic and Danube salmon, smoked
110,439,573Flat-hot-roll iron 10 mm thick
110,242,358Papayas, fresh
106,219,933Flours, meals and pellets, of fish or of crustaceans, mollusks or other aquatic invertebrates
104,943,530Unwrought lead with equal weight antimony
103,638,443Greenland Halibut
102,676,251Chemical woodpulp excluding dissolving conifer
102,587,528Horses, live, purebred breeding
102,427,403Molybdenum ores and concentrates roasted
101,248,388Alachlor (iso)