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An Avengers fan poses dressed as Gamora.

How to keep up with the changing world of Hollywood franchises

Navigating news about movie franchises can be a challenge. There’s always so much of it, from so many sources, and everyone has opinions! All that stuff can be a movie buff’s dream, but only if you know how to sift through it all to consume what’s really valuable. Here’s how I stay up to date and informed on all franchise goings-on:

Monitor the trades. Most big Hollywood news is broken by one of the three major industry trade publications: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or Deadline. Often, all three will receive the same tip and write slightly different versions of the same story within minutes of one another. If you’re interested in the film business—and franchises specifically—they’re all worth a follow on Twitter. Just keep in mind that sometimes these publications are fed information directly from publicists, executives, and agents, so approach them with a discerning eye.

The only one of the three trades whose homepage I check regularly is the Hollywood Reporter. Its stories are typically well-sourced and go a bit deeper than your average news item. This recent story about what went wrong with the latest X-Men movie is a good example, tying the failure of the film to the industry’s attempt to re-evaluate how it approaches some of its oldest franchises. THR’s box office analysis stories are also usually a cut above the field.

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