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Note to G7 guests: Trump Doral pools have not been inspected by health officials
The Trump Doral’s “Royal Palm Pool” features an adult relaxation area.
By Heather Timmons, Justin Rohrlich
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

When the US next year hosts the G7 summit, a meeting between some of the world’s biggest economies, guests may want to be wary of using the pool.

US president Donald Trump’s “Trump National Doral” golf resort in Miami is a top contender to host the meeting, according to Axios. The news is raising new concerns about how Trump and his family are benefiting financially from his presidency. It should also raise questions about the health and safety of those attending.

Quartz revealed in May that the pools at Trump resorts in Florida have been cited for poor water quality and other health and safety violations far more frequently than other resorts. Florida Department of Health inspectors actually shut down pools at Trump properties at least 10 times in the last year, state records show, while other luxury properties had mostly pristine pools.

The Trump Doral property pools are a special case. From Quartz’s previous report:

There are 10 pools at the Trump Doral; all are listed in the state health inspections database. There are no inspections listed for the pools over the past 12 months, although Florida Department of Health regulations require all public pools to be inspected at least twice a year.

That hasn’t changed. As of July 22, there were zero inspection records on file for the Doral’s jacuzzis, plunge pools, and family pools, according to Florida state health department records:

Among other things, health inspectors are supposed to test Florida pools twice a year for improper pH and chlorine levels that can lead to conditions that permit the spread of gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, and neurologic illnesses. Pools that don’t have proper levels of these chemicals should be automatically closed, according to Florida regulations.

Whether the Doral pools are safe to use or not is impossible to say from public records. But Trump properties in general have a worse safety record than other four and five-star resorts and private clubs, judging from health records in May:

The Trump Organization and the Florida Department of Health did not respond to a request for comment.

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