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Presentation: The jobs of the future

By Kevin J. Delaney
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Quartz aims to bring our quality journalism to you in the forms that are most convenient and familiar to you, including charts, emails, and chats.

Starting today, we’re expanding our journalism into another format you know very well: PowerPoint slides.

Linked below you’ll find a presentation our newsroom has created for you on the jobs of the future. It’s the first of an ongoing series of presentations that Quartz journalists are creating on some of the most important topics of our day. The presentations are rooted in the coverage and expertise of Quartz’s global newsroom, but designed to take advantage of the presentation form, and bring new information and reporting.

You can view the jobs of the future presentation below. You can also download a PDF version version here. Download the PowerPoint file here. It’s one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations

You can use these presentations however you like. They’re an easy way to quickly get up to speed on a subject area, a faster way to get a high-level briefing than reading one of our more in-depth articles. But we also welcome your grabbing slides from these presentations for inclusion in your own—and we’ve designed them to be easily reformatted and simply laid out if you need to modify them to fit your own presentation style.

This week’s presentation gives you a sense of the sort of topics we’re planning, and how we’ll approach them. Which jobs will be around in the future is a critical question for every business professional, parent, and citizen. In this presentation, we draw on Quartz reporting and data and focus in on important global trends and their implications for all of our jobs. Those trends include:

  • The world’s population is aging rapidly.
  • Middle-skill jobs are disappearing in rich countries.
  • New industries are emerging at the cutting edge of science and technology.
  • Governments and corporations are racing to make sense of a rapidly changing world.

We also zoom in on the traditional occupations that employ large numbers of people and have low risks of automation, so they’re surer bets even if they grow less quickly over the coming decades.

Please share any feedback about what would make these presentations more useful—or topics you’d like to see us cover—by emailing us at These presentations are an exclusive benefit just for Quartz members, so we’d love it if you’d encourage any friends or colleagues who express interest to become a member so they can access this and other member content as well.

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