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Presentation: Everything you need to know about Facebook’s Libra

By Dasia Moore
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Facebook made headlines when it announced in June its plan for Libra, a new cryptocurrency that could make it cheaper and easier to transmit money across borders, as well as to pay for things on the internet.

Quartz’s newsroom has prepared a presentation to help you make sense of Libra and assess the likelihood it will impact things you might care about, including your own business.

You can view the presentation on everything you need to know about Facebook’s Libra below. You can also download a PDF version here. Download the PowerPoint file here. It’s one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations

In the presentation, we break down the potential benefits—and dangers—of a global stablecoin. We also introduce you to the decision-makers behind Libra, including the key Facebook executives and the 28 partner companies that make up the Libra Association. 

The presentation outlines three key obstacles that we expect to slow down Libra’s launch:

  • The Libra Association and Facebook’s blockchain are still works in progress.
  • Too many regulators oppose the idea.
  • Facebook’s reputation is too great a liability.

As with all of our presentations for Quartz members, we provide an original PowerPoint file so you can use and reformat our charts and slides as you wish. If you enjoy this presentation, you can read our slides on the jobs of the future as well.

Please share any feedback about what would make these presentations more useful—or topics you’d like to see us cover—by emailing us at These presentations are an exclusive benefit just for Quartz members, so we’d love it if you’d encourage any friends or colleagues who express interest to become a member so they can access this and other member content.

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