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Presentation: How to add purpose to your productivity routine

Quartz/Alicia Gearty
  • Dasia Moore
By Dasia Moore

Presentation producer

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

How do you organize the short- and long-term tasks you want to complete? And how do you organize information, like meeting notes and information from the web?

Most of us have hybrid, inefficient approaches to these two questions, often involving perpetually out-of-date lists, notebooks we never consult after we’ve filled them, and apps that we fall out of the habit of using.

There is a better way to be more productive personally and professionally. Quartz’s latest presentation walks you through the strategies that will make you more efficient and give your productivity routine purpose—whether you use a supercharged app or a simple notebook.

You can view the presentation below. You can also download a PDF version or the PowerPoint file. It’s one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations

This presentation introduces you to some of the tried-and-true systems productivity pros use to organize their tasks and information—including Getting Things Done, Kanban, the Feynman technique, and bullet journaling. You’ll also get our read on some of the best to-do list, note-taking, and no-code apps and platforms out there. 

As with all of our presentations for Quartz members, we provide an original PowerPoint file so you can use and reformat our charts and slides as you wish. You will also find our notes and sources below each slide in PowerPoint. If you enjoy this presentation, you can read our slides on the future of the cannabis industry and approaching airline points like an economist, as well.

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