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Presentation: Everything you need to know about 5G

By Dasia Moore
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The fifth generation of wireless has arrived. An estimated 10 million mobile subscribers globally will be using 5G before the year is out, and the world will spend upwards of $1 trillion to build more 5G networks. But what will we gain from the most expensive mobile infrastructure project in global history? For many consumers, businesspeople, and investors, the answer to that question is far from clear.

Quartz’s newest presentation cuts through the hype to lay out what 5G really means for the future. It takes you through 5G’s revolutionary potential, as well as its very real limitations—from a network that barely exists, to devices that have not yet been invented. 

You can view our presentation on everything you need to know about 5G below. You can also download a PDF version or the PowerPoint file. It’s one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations

In this presentation, you’ll get to know who are the biggest contenders in the race to 5G and what they stand to gain. We’ll also spell out just how fast 5G is—and why speed is the least of 5G’s potential benefits.

As with all of our presentations for Quartz members, we provide an original PowerPoint file so you can use and reformat our charts and slides as you wish. You will also find our notes and sources below each slide in PowerPoint. If you enjoy this presentation, read our slides on the future of the cannabis industry and purposeful productivity, as well. For an in-depth analysis of the tech behind 5G and its implications, check out our 5G field guide, which will be available starting on Monday, Sept. 23.

Please share any feedback about what would make these presentations more useful—or topics you’d like to see us cover—by emailing us at These presentations are an exclusive benefit for Quartz members, so we’d love it if you’d encourage any friends or colleagues who express interest to become a member so they can access this and other member content.

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