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The 12 Chinese startups that became unicorns in 2019

  • Dasia Moore
By Dasia Moore

Presentation producer

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

China has distinguished itself as a global leader in generating billion-dollar startups. The world’s most valuable unicorn, Beijing-based ByteDance, has built a $75 billion empire on its platforms for news and music. Last year, more than 200 Chinese startups became  unicorns—one every 3.8 days. This year, 12 Chinese companies have reached unicorn status, and the range of industries they represent reflects the rich variety of China’s startup landscape.

The newest presentation from Quartz’s newsroom introduces you to these 12 startups. You’ll learn the unicorns’ fundraising and valuation, key Chinese and foreign investors, and a few surprising origin stories. 

You can preview our presentation on China’s newest unicorns below. To see all of the slides, view the PDF version or download the PowerPoint file, which includes our sources and notes. This is one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations, which you can read, reformat, and use as you wish.

In this presentation, we highlight features this class of Chinese unicorns shares, including global partnerships and a focus on online connectivity.


We also profile each new unicorn individually. One standout example is Horizon Robotics—the most valuable of the group—which has raised $700 million from 23 investors since its founding in 2015.

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