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AP Photo/Julie Jacobson
Tumblr could mean something to Yahoo’s bottom line, someday.

The only place Yahoo mentioned Tumblr in its earnings release was in a link to the corporate blog

By Christopher Mims in USA

Yahoo has plenty to say about the expected 6% decline in its display advertising revenue, but nothing at all to say about its $1 billion acquisition of Tumblr last year, justified at the time as a grab for a younger audience. Well, except for this bit, which points investors to the official Yahoo corporate blog:

“For more information, visit the pressroom ( or the Company’s blog (”

Considering Tumblr’s youth-skewing audience, it’s a little odd to host the corporate blog there. As of this writing the only “note” attached to that post is “why do I care” by someone under the youthful moniker hesreallydivine.