Four ways Microsoft wants you to see its new CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft just announced its new CEO, Satya Nadella, with a tweet and webpage. The announcement package includes video interviews with top Microsoft leaders as well as Nadella (in a conspicuously empty office), written testimonials, and at the very bottom: photo handouts of the new boss.

The photos are surprisingly diverse in their portrayal of Nadella. Here are Quartz’s first impressions of how Microsoft was trying to pitch its new man at the top:

Satya the Facebook founder


In a blue hoodie leaning up against a wall, Nadella shows off his best Zuckerberg impression.

Satya the Apple executive

Satya Nadella, Microsoft. 2014-01

The straight-on white-box portrait is a dead ringer for the aesthetics used for Microsoft’s personal computing rival Apple.

Satya the business school professor


This professorial shot of Nadella looks straight out of a catalog for a top US business school.

Satya the decision maker


Sitting down, the new CEO appears deliberate, making a point at a conference table.

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