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Michael George Haddad for Quartz

Is Big Tech too big?

Member exclusive by Alison Griswold for Taming Big Tech

You’ve heard of Big Tech, because how could you not? Here you are, reading this on the internet. You may have come to it through Facebook or Google, and you are likely scrolling through it on an Apple or Android device (Google’s mobile operating system).

After this, you may flip over to YouTube to watch videos, or to Instagram to peruse the latest mountains, sunsets, and #nofilter photos from friends and influencers. You might finally place that Amazon order that’s been sitting in your basket for a week—you aren’t sure of the quality of the item, but the price is great and it delivers in a day.

What’s that, you say? You have an impeccable attention span and eschew the instant-gratification economies of social media mega-platforms like Facebook (which owns Instagram) and YouTube (a Google property). Sure, but do you have a WhatsApp account (also Facebook)? Do you look up directions on Google Maps? Do you use Gmail, an Amazon Kindle, Amazon Alexa, Google Chrome, or Safari? Have you ever Googled, well, anything? Ever used Expedia, Intuit, Netflix, or any of the countless companies that build their businesses on top of Amazon Web Services?