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Everyone is a life coach now, even on Airbnb

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Learning how to live.
  • Dan Kopf
By Dan Kopf

Data editor

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Am I in the right relationship? Is it too late to switch careers? I’m never as assertive with my friends and co-workers as I want, but how can I change?

Just twenty years ago, if you had told somebody they should see a “life coach” to answer these questions, they wouldn’t have had any idea what you were talking about. Today, life coaching practitioners can be found practically anywhere—at counseling centers, gig economy websites, and even Airbnb. They contribute to the transformation economy, a growing collection of industries that also includes retreats, gurus, and adventure travel, where the product is a new and improved you.

“We are seeking out experiences that actually change us in some way, that help us achieve our aspirations,” the author Joseph Pine, who coined the term “the experience economy” with his co-author James Gilmore, told Quartz. “Increasingly that will be part of the economy where consumers and even businesses increasingly go to companies and effectively say: Change me.”

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