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The cast of the TV sitcom "Friends"
Reuters/File Photo/Russell Boyce
I’ll be there for you.

Making friends as an adult is hard, but these simple tips can help

Annabelle Timsit
Member exclusive by Annabelle Timsit in London

Many things about “adulting” are difficult. Bills. Taxes. Figuring out what kind of job makes you happy. Finding a place to live.

But there’s also an unspoken challenge, one that usually emerges after college and only becomes harder as we age: making friends.

The first 20 years of our lives are designed to build friendships. We spend most of our time in school, around people our age who have similar interests and backgrounds. But as we enter adulthood, those friendships tend to fade. We move to different cities, get married, have children. We dedicate more time to work and responsibilities, and less to building social connections. By the time the average American turns 40, they spend more time with friends they met through their children than those they met at school.