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What all the countries that contained coronavirus have in common

Reuters/Tyrone Siu
Travel in the era of the novel coronavirus.
  • Chandran Nair
By Chandran Nair

Founder and CEO, Global Institute for Tomorrow and author, "The Sustainable State"

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On Feb. 8, alongside stories of panic buying toilet paper in Hong Kong supermarkets, Bloomberg published an opinion piece titled “Hong Kong is showing symptoms of a failed state.”

A little more than a month later, store shelves in Europe, Australia, and North America are being ransacked while Hong Kong’s shelves are being re-stocked. As Western cities started to forcibly close restaurants and bars, Hong Kong’s people slowly started to relax.

It’s far too soon to claim victory against the novel coronavirus. As travelers have started to return to Hong Kong and other countries that appeared to have contained the virus, including Singapore and Taiwan, a new wave of Covid-19 cases has surged. This serves to reinforce one important point: Strict and centralized enforcement of lockdowns, quarantines, and closures are the most effective way to contain the virus.

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