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Marzio Toniolo/via Reuters

Why quarantine can make you more creative

Joey Camire
Member exclusive by Joey Camire

It’s tough out there right now. That’s undeniable. The novel coronavirus; Covid-19, the ‘rona—however you choose to refer to it—is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives with orders of social distancing, curfews, quarantines, lockdowns, and more.

It can feel easy to fall into despair (said with big Werner Herzog vibes). However, as vital as it is to act with vigorous responsibility for the good of everyone, and like we’re actually in the midst of a pandemic, it’s equally important to search out the silver linings for our own sanity and mental wellbeing.

The silver lining painting the vistas of my quarantined introspection have come from stories I’ve learned that delineate the incredible and persistent drive of teenagers to break rules, no matter the culture, country, or decade. And in most cases, this drive is spurred by the deeply motivating power of boredom.