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Coronavirus: What you don’t know

How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people, businesses, and communities.

Their lives will be remembered.

A diarist who chronicled life in Wuhan during the coronavirus lockdown has penned her final entry

Jane Li
Member exclusive by Jane Li

For over two months, Chinese author Fang Fang kept an online diary that detailed people’s lives and suffering in Wuhan, the Chinese city that has been under lockdown since late January after the novel coronavirus was discovered there. Her diary offered not only a precious window into which people could get a glimpse of the situation in Wuhan, but also a rare critical Chinese voice that dared discuss the government’s missteps in handling the crisis.

As the pandemic appears to be under control in China, Wuhan is set to lift its lockdown measures on Apr. 8. Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, opened back up this week. With the impending end of this unprecedented experiment in social control in human history, Fang, who has lived in Wuhan for over 60 years, wrote her last entry in her diary yesterday.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith,” wrote Fang at the end of the entry, citing the Bible, which is the 60th one since Jan. 25, two days after Wuhan was put on lockdown. “Some told me that they don’t think anyone will be held accountable [for the sufferings of people in Wuhan] by the authorities… Regardless of what the authorities might think, as a Wuhan citizen who was under lockdown for two months, as a witness of the miserable days in the city, we have the responsibility and obligation to seek justice for those who died for nothing,” she wrote in the article (link in Chinese).