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Fahrinisa Campana for Quartz
“Delivery is what’s keeping us afloat.”

The delivery workers on the frontline of Greece’s new economic crisis

Fahrinisa Campana
Member exclusive by Fahrinisa Campana for The delivery dilemma

It’s 4:00 pm on a sunny Friday afternoon in Athens and the corrugated iron grille of Nonna Edda pizzeria is raised only halfway. Normally, the three workers inside would be preparing for a busy night of curbside diners and walk-in takeaway orders. Of course, that was before the global coronavirus pandemic, and before the Greek government placed the country on a nation-wide lockdown that has lasted for more than a month already.

Now workers start the shift preparing for an evening of delivery orders. “Delivery is what’s keeping us [afloat]. This is what keeps the business going now,” says Miltos Pagonis, who handles the phone orders and cash register at the pizzeria.

Fahrinisa Campana for Quartz
Waiting for orders to come in.

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