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Coronavirus is a moment of reckoning for global supply chains

Carlo Cadenas for Quartz
  • Alexandra Ossola
By Alexandra Ossola

Membership editor


As the coronavirus pandemic plunged the world toward a likely recession, Nestlé, the Swiss-based food provider, has remained strong. While major companies such as Marriott and Macy’s saw layoff-inducing downturns in the first quarter of 2020, Nestlé’s sales grew by 4.3%.

It helped, of course, that Nestlé makes a lot of products that were in particularly high demand during global lockdowns, such as coffee, pet food, and shelf-safe prepared foods. But it was also able to get its products to consumers worldwide, thanks to rock-solid supply chains.

“Our supply chain strategy and business continuity plan in place are set to manage disruption,” says Vineet Khanna, a senior vice president and global head of supply chain at Nestlé. “We have been able to deliver what consumers needed thanks to the resilience of our supply chain, thanks to the collaboration with our customers, retailers, transporters.”

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