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Netflix’s best and worst programs, charted

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Taking a good look at it.
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Netflix has long had a reputation for having a lot of content on its service, often taking a quantity over quality approach. That’s in contrast to the strategy of a network like HBO, which offers a much smaller, highly curated library of content.

Quartz decided to look at data from review aggregation site Metacritic to see whether or not that reputation was accurate—and to look more closely at where Netflix’s content strengths and weaknesses are. Metacritic takes reviews from TV critics, assigns each one a 0 to 100 score and then creates an average of those scores. It’s far from a perfect science, but it gets close to measuring how critically acclaimed (or not) a given television series is.

(Note: Quartz only looked at drama, comedy, reality, and documentary shows from 2017 and 2020 with enough reviews to earn a Metacritic score. Many shows did not have scores, and thus were not included in this analysis. Generally, shows with scores between a 60 and 70 are average. Above 70 is good, while above 80 is great.)

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