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Coronavirus is automating the world even faster

delivery robot coronavirus
REUTERS/Julio-Cesar Chavez
This little delivery robot is here to bring you stockpiled toilet paper.
  • Alexandra Ossola
By Alexandra Ossola

Membership editor


While the coronavirus crisis has been distinctly not great for humans, it’s already been a boon for robots. As humans have stayed home to slow the spread of the disease, robots have entered our lives in novel ways, from delivering groceries to taking over manufacturing jobs that put humans at risk of infection.

But this shift, which came faster than some experts anticipated, comes with concerns over individual privacy and security.

Quartz spoke with PW Singer, a security expert and one of the authors of the new book Burn-In, a techno-thriller that leans heavily on reality. The authors’ last book, Ghost Fleet, won Singer and his co-writer August Cole invitations to the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon to discuss its real-world impacts.

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