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How to ace your next online presentation

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When workers initially packed up their desks and said goodbye to their office plants in order to shield from the coronavirus pandemic at home, they may not have realized they’d be spending a lot of time perfecting a new skill: how to present—and be present—online.

That chance has presented itself over the very many hours we’ve logged into Zoom meetings, run webinars, connected with colleagues and peers over Google Meet, and watched our in-person networking events go virtual. The pandemic has shown many companies that remote work is possible, and perhaps even preferable, to in-person office environments. As long as that’s the case, then being able to present effectively online has become an important part of any worker’s skillset.

Quartz’s latest presentation provides an overview of the new landscape of virtual conferencing, and assembles a list of the top tips that experts in the field have for people hoping to make an impression through their screen. From lighting tricks to background arrangements to your intonation, we cover all the small tweaks you can make to have a big impact in our new virtual meeting rooms.

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