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Nine charts that tell you where life is pretty terrific and where people are miserable

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Reuters/Denis Balibouse
No more cowbell.
By Matt Phillips
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The Paris-based think tank known as the OECD is just out with its semi-annual survey of how different economies stack up in terms of social well-being. (Well-being is basically the polite way economists talk about happiness.) The organization even has a new data visualization to let you see where your country ranks in certain key measures.

Called “Society at a Glance,” the report is well worth a read. But here are some of the most interesting bits of data we found, in no particular order.

Indonesians feel very safe walking home at night

China and India have the highest marriage rates

US spending on health care is still an outlier

The Czech Republic is tops in divorce

The French spend the most on their social safety net

The deep recession in Greece has destroyed faith in the national government

The Swiss live the longest

Korea continues to be a troubling outlier in suicides

And the Swiss pretty much win at life

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