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Test your knowledge of the best productivity practices suggested by experts

A woman meditates in New York.
Reuters/Jeenah Moon
A healthy approach to productivity.

The world is not short on advice for how you can be your most productive self. What’s the best way to sort through the noise and determine the approaches that will work for you?

We’ve drawn on some of our most popular coverage to craft a five-day course to help you explore the topic of productivity, and to pick some of the best practices that work for you. From tackling urgency bias to understanding the demands facing us in context, our guiding principle is that in order to get more done, you shouldn’t just try a new hack or app. You’ll have more success if you try build a healthy, sustainable productivity system.

This quiz tests your knowledge of some of the best practices suggested by experts. If you’ve not taken our course, the quiz provides a preview of what it offers. If you’d like to learn more, you can sign up here when you’re done.

To get more done, don’t just try a new hack or app. Build a healthy, sustainable productivity system. Go deeper with Quartz’s five-day email course on productivity.

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