Alibaba just revealed how much money it makes

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The hotly awaited filing is here.

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group filed the paperwork to sell shares in the US, opening up its books to prospective investors. Here’s how things look.

The bottom line

Net income more than doubled in the company’s most recently reported quarter, the three months that ended in December 2013. Compared to the same quarter of the prior year, profits rose 104% to RMB 8.27 billion ($1.33 billion.)

The top line


Revenues rose 62%, to RMB 18.75 billion ($3.01 billion), in the quarter that ended in December.

Climbing costs

Alibaba-total-costs-and-expenses-in-billions-Alibaba-total-costs-and-expenses-in-billions_chartbuilder (2)

Alibaba’s total costs rose 52% to RMB 9.94 billion ($1.60 billion) in the quarter that ended in December, compared to the prior year.

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