Around Hurricane Sandy, discounts on eye-liner, Volkswagens and, yes, even Sandman comics

Ever since Hurricane Rita devastated the Gulf of Mexico six years ago, hurricanes have attracted increasing attention in the US. So it is that, with Hurricane Sandy looming, generators are sold out in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and flashlights and batteries are hard to find. Flights out of New York are very hard to come by. That is bad news for some, as 10 million people could be without electricity for awhile, says Seth Guikema at Johns Hopkins University. In Maryland, it may be hard even to seek sanctuary in the presidential election, as early voting has been canceled for Oct. 29.

But there are whispers of light for the woe-is-me crowd. Some shops and restaurants will be open, and there are even hurricane sales. Here is a smattering of stuff out there:

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