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Guess how much prices on 11 common grocery items have risen in one year

The meat section of a grocery store.
REUTERS/Jason Redmond
Here’s the deal.
  • Nate DiCamillo
By Nate DiCamillo

Economics reporter based in New York.

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Americans have been watching their grocery bills grow as the global economy struggles to iron out pandemic disruptions. In October, inflation hit its highest annual rate in 30 years: 6.2%.

With prices for everything from food to rent to gasoline on the rise, some observers are even warning the US might be headed for hyperinflation—defined as a 50% increase in prices from one month to the next. That possibility is dismissed by most serious economists; so far, there are no signs of panic buying, and inflation is still below 1% month-over-month.

But the price increases are real. What do they look like in the grocery aisle?

Take this quiz to find out. We’ll give you last October’s price for 11 items; pick how much you think each of them cost a year later out of four choices.

Let’s see how well you’ve been keeping track of price tags at the grocery store.

(The quiz is based on US city average prices in October of this year and last from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics .)

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