These are the posters trying to sway Swiss voters on a $28 hourly minimum wage


GENEVA–Currently Switzerland has no minimum wage. But on today’s ballot, next to measures attempting to procure fighter jets and implement mandatory penalties for convicted pedophiles, is one to implement what would be the highest minimum wage in the world (paywall)—4,000 Swiss francs ($4,485) a month, which works out to 25 francs ($28) an hour.

Update May 18, 4:24pm CEST: The minimum wage measure failed to pass today. More than 75% of Swiss voters cast ballots against the measure.

Around town, arguments for and against the wage measure can be seen conveyed through posters (fitting given Switzerland’s rich poster-art tradition.) Here are some of them.





Fair, necessary, possible.

Yes on May 18

Interprofessional Union of Workers

With the minimum wage

I cannot find my

first job.

Thank you.

The Democratic Bourgeois Party Geneva

No to the minimum wage

With the minimum wage,

I will never find a job

as a farm worker.

Thank you

No to the minimum wage

Let’s make low wages take flight,

not the machinery of war.

Yes to the minimum wage. No to fighter jets.

Together to the Left

Citizen Movement Geneva Youth

No to the minimum wage.

A devious trap for the young!

Small business ↘ = unemployment ↗

Budget ↘ = Poverty ↗

After darkness Citizen Movement Geneva Youth


to the protection of wages,

to the minimum wage.

May 18, 2014

Syna Interprofessional Union

Stop dumping.



Yes to fair wages

to the minimum wage.

Vote on May 18, 2014

Unia inter-professional trade union

Young Radical Liberals Geneva

No minimum wage!

May 18


of people

paid less

than 4,000.—



Yes to the 4,000 minimum wage

Solidarités (a self-described socialist, feminist, and environmentalist anti-capitalist group)

Want lower wages?

No to a Swiss inter-professional minimum wage!

Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland


to the minimum-wage initiative.

Do not put in danger


and the social partnership

Radical Liberal Party

Having nobody

making less than

4,000 francs

is a question of


Yes to the minimum wage.

May 18

Intersyndical Cartel (a government and subsidized-sector employees union)

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