The top 10 US schools for foreign students

Amid shrinking public funding, colleges and universities in the US are increasingly looking abroad for financial help. That help often comes in the form of foreign students, who were more likely to pay full tuition and receive less financial aid than American students, providing a much-needed financial fillip.

According to a recent report from Moody’s, international students account for just 4% of the total enrollment in US colleges and universities. And foreign graduate students account for just 1.4% of total enrollment. But they tend to be highly concentrated at relatively few institutions.


Among those schools, international students make up the largest share of enrollment at Columbia, Northeastern, and University of Southern California, all private universities.

But just like their American counterparts, foreign students are also applying more at public universities as tuition and fees continue to surge, according to Moody’s.

US-universities-enrolling-the-largest-number-of-international-students-Enrollment-2012-13_chartbuilder (1)

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