The most important 13 charts from a crucial week for the global economy

British unemployment fell to its lowest since January 2009

Chinese credit growth slowed in May, according to official data

Crude oil prices rose, as security in Iraq deteriorated

Australian unemployment seems to have topped out

US consumer sentiment dropped a bit in June

Brazilian retail sales grew in April, after falling sharply March

US jobless claims rose, but still pointed to improvement

US retail sales were soft, but not terrible

New Zealand’s dollar jumped as the central bank raised rates

US job openings hit a seven-year high in April

Government spending ahead of elections helped first-quarter Turkish growth

Greek deflation got worse in May

US small business sentiment hit a post-crisis high

Italy’s economy shrunk slightly in the first quarter

Israel’s economy slowed in the first quarterIsrael-quarterly-GDP-annualized-growth-rate-Israel-quarterly-GDP-annualized-growth-rate_chartbuilder


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