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Twitter brought a drone to Cannes so ad execs could take aerial selfies

Advertising companies hoping to attract attention at this week’s Cannes Lions advertising festival on the French Riviera have chartered yachts and helicopters, among other excesses. Twitter, meanwhile, has a drone, rigged to take “dronie” (drone + selfie) videos for posting to Twitter’s new @Dronie account.

Here’s the first of the series, featuring Twitter brand executive Joel Lunenfeld and the actor and social media star Patrick Stewart:

Watch for more of these as drones become more commonplace. Commercial drone photography is still mostly illegal in the US—the Federal Aviation Administration just approved its first uses. But the amateur, early-adopter set has already started honing the craft, especially since this San Francisco shot—featuring New York Times writer Nick Bilton and friends—took off earlier this year, racking up 420,000 views so far.

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