How to knit a Beyoncé balaclava from Peruvian alpaca


Beyoncé and Jay-Z opened their “On the Run” tour in Miami this week. The concerts have been widely publicized with a star-studded trailer and the image above, in which the couple wears balaclavas—knitted hoods originally worn by soldiers in the late 1800s—like only Beyoncé and Jay-Z can. Bey gazes challengingly through the oval-shaped hole in hers, and Jay’s power is just implied.

A brief, enjoyable review of photos and videos from last night’s show indicates that a fishnet balaclava stood in for Beyoncé’s ribbed knitted one from the tour’s promotional footage. (She also sported a leotard of sorts with sizable, strategically place cutouts.) But unlike that original Beyoncé-clava, the onstage version below looks totally impractical.

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR PARKWOOD ENTERTAINMENT - Beyonce and JAY Z perform on the opening night of the On The Run Tour at Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday, June 25, 2014, in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)
Now that’s just silly. (Jeff Daly/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)

Perhaps the Florida humidity demanded this lighter version, but we much prefer the more traditional ribbed hood. And international knitting network Wool and the Gang offers just the ticket to getting one in time for the autumn ahead: a knit-your-own kit including a pattern, six skeins of Peruvian cotton and alpaca yarn, and a set of rosewood knitting needles for $79. (If you have your own needles you can get it for $65.)

We already tried it and can attest that the pattern works—and Peruvian alpaca is going to be big for fall. Start now, and you’ll be done by the time the tour ends in September.

I #knit this swanky ski mask in protest of the #polarvortex @woolandthegang #shareyourknits

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