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Rendering of City Beach NYC
Rendering courtesy City Beach NYC
If you can come up with $24 million, this is not just a dream.

For $24 million, New York City could have a floating artificial beach in the Hudson River

By Michael Silverberg

There must be something in the water. With the launch last week of an Indiegogo campaign for City Beach NYC, a group in New York City now has a plan for a floating crowdfunded artificial beach to go along with the floating crowdfunded artificial pool already proposed in 2011.

City Beach NYC would create a sandy park atop a barge docked in the Hudson River, to open in 2016. (No pool, though, and definitely no swimming in the Hudson.) So far, the organization has raised $5,253 toward an estimate $24-million cost. If it doesn’t manage to fill that gap, don’t worry. New York already has plenty of great public beaches, and they only cost a $2.50 subway ride.

A rendering of +Pool docked in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Courtesy Family/PlayLab, Inc.