These are the World Cup countries that shout “goooaaaaal!” the loudest on Facebook

Image: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
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Facebook has analyzed posts during the World Cup to see which countries celebrate goals the “loudest”—that is, add the most characters when typing the words “goal” in English, “gol” in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, “golo” in European Portuguese, and “tor” in German. (While other languages have their own written words for soccer goals—such as ゴール in Japanese or ประตู in Thai—Facebook says those are the only four where they saw “significant use of redundant characters in exuberant posts.”)

The number of extra letters in goal

Among countries whose teams participated in this year’s World Cup, Mexico celebrated the most joyously, adding an average 6.6 extra characters per gol, not including punctuation. Overall, Venezuela, despite not fielding its own team, took the gooooooooooooool title, adding an average 12.9 extra characters.

A chart showing the number of extra letters people in various countries added to their word for goal. The top 5 are Mexico, Algeria, Uruguay, Brazil, and Colombia.