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Advertisers value Americans almost 110 times more than Indians

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

People in the US are the most valuable to advertisers, and Indians see barely any ads in comparison. That’s according to data from eMarketer, which today released projections of global ad spending and compared them with past years.

The numbers include advertising from digital media—which, especially in the form of mobile ads, is continuing to grow in the countries that top off the list—as well as outdoor, directories, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. The data are based on whom advertisers are targeting in these 22 countries. So if an American company is targeting advertising to people in Australia, that contributes to Australia’s number.

Of course these numbers are averages, so they probably mean that in the populous emerging markets towards the bottom of the list, advertisers are more likely to concentrate their efforts in richer urban areas. (Also, the China data do not include Hong Kong.)

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